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PROMOSIENAREZZO, a company established by the Chamber of Commerce of Arezzo - Siena, has been actively committed to promote the competitiveness of the local economic system since 2003 by encouraging and supporting enterprises to approach national and international markets. Actually, SMEs often require to be assisted and advised as to the most effective actions to undertake in the contest of a globalized economy. In line with this, Promosienarezzo assists the local enterprises through the various stages of the internationalization process.

PROMOSIENAREZZO is committed by the Chamber of Commerce of Arezzo - Siena to propose an annual plan of promotional activities which is the result of the elaboration of the main strategic markets in relation to the characteristics of the local productive system. PromoSienarezzo is able to meet the real requirements of the local enterprises thanks to the collaboration of the Institutions of Siena, of the organizations of enterprises and the consortia, both in the planning and in the implementation of each action.